Lemon and lime mini cheesecakes

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If you follow me   on  facebook and instagram you’d probably know that a month ago i got married. It was a party for celebrating  ten years of love and happiness  together with all our beloved ones there. As you can imagine everything considering this wedding were made by me and Costas, with a great help of family and friends. I was too excited preparing all and I had lots of things to think and do though, that the last thing i thought was to take pictures… So i don’t have as much as i’d like to have, but i’ll post some in a few days about almost everything!

Anyway, untill then, i’ll share with you a favourite recipe that my brother taught me to make! it’s a soft lemon cheesecake , that he even made it for the wedding party in quite a few batches(!) and i really thank him for that!
i made a small a change in the recipe that he gave me though and i added some lime zest and juice. I haven’t told him yet but i don’t think he’ll have any disagreements with that!

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Flourless Chocolate Cake


I’m a proud and happy aunt of an adorable 9year old girl, Ifigeneia, and I feel very lucky to have her!

She’s a happy and really active girl and every time she comes home her enthusiasm is more than enough to drive me out of my every day’s routine. We’ve made an informal program together that says that when we get up in the morning , we’ll choose her favorite vinyl record to play and we’ll prepare breakfast before Costas gets up!

Ifigeneia is a little waiter, she’ ll set the table as she likes! She’s really strict to which tablecloth matches with  napkins and which plates with cutlery and the glasses for the juice and the milk, which teapot is the best one for the tea… When everything is in its right place and she calls us to see what she’s done we are so surprised that everything is matched and award her by telling that we feel like we are having breakfast  in the best hotel of the world!

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Pineapple Cake


As many of you know I was born and raised in the countryside . And although I don’t go in my hometown often anymore, a visit there is always a pleasant break. Nature is beautiful . You can tell the time of year by the trees and flowers that grow around and just a walk can make you feel relaxed. Every time I come back I always remember the big gatherings over the table we had at holidays and celebrations

. Me and my mom had to decide what to cook and what cake should we serve after the meal! I remember a very refreshing cake with pineapple she used to make that we all loved . A velvety cold cream with the rich aroma of pineapple between sponges brushed with syrup, make a light and refreshing taste for the hot summer months .

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Hot air balloon for a baby boy!


Childhood friendships are friendships that last a lifetime. We keep memories and feelings in a time capsule and everytime we meet we open it. And it’s like we never missed a day away even if we have along time to see each other. This is the case of my dear friend Depi. Her baby boy was baptised and it was a first class opportunity for me, Depi and Angelica to meet, plan and make this special event another memory for our time capsule. .

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