Happy birthday!

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One sunny day 3 years ago, I was walking in my neighborhood and suddenly I saw a place that attracted my interest right away. It wasn’t a shop, it wasn’t a gallery either. But it looked like one. I wasn’t sure what kind of a place that was but I really loved it. Some furniture from the past, some handmade kids clothes that seemed like they were from another time and place, some handmade dolls, a desk and lots, lots of boxes! For a long time every time I was passing that place, it was closed, only a piece of paper in the door with a telephone number written on it, was a sign that someone was working there!!
A couple of months later, an afternoon near Christmas I saw the door opened so I walked in and met Christina, the owner of this place. Christina makes clothes for kids and women in a way that no one makes them nowadays. Her designs could be from an illustrated children’s book from the 50s or the 60s, the fabrics she picks for each of the designs are like they were made for this particular clothe. And the most important is that you’ll never find a shirt, a skirt or a dress twice, not even in a different size. Every item is unique. And if you want something that isn’t in the size you want it, Christina will make it for you. Maybe with a small different detail from the one you saw, because everything must be unique!

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Christina has a son, Minas. He is 3 years old. Every year in his birthday she throws him a party that every kid would have dreamt of! She wants everything to be just perfect for him, so when he grows up and won’t have lots of memories of that age, he will sure remember of his birthday parties! She organizes everything till the tiniest detail from the napkins till the stars that will be hanging over the table! When I met Christina Minas had his first birthday party  already but I am really happy that I made the sweet treats for his next ones! Last year’s theme was a train, full of candies, joy and love! This year’s a circus, a rainbow circus! I loved both of them! They are two of the most beautiful projects I had. And I thank Christina for that!
One year later, after I saw Christina’s workshop for the first time, I left that neighborhood. Christina left too. She now has her atelier downtown near Syntagma square and it’s even more beautiful! You can see her work here and if you want to visit her atelier you can contact her here 

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Love and kisses

Pasta Flora

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